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About Me

Lucia Mar Shirts is operated by J and D Gifts, a local company started in 2015 specializing in birthday and special occasion apparel and lifestyle items.

I am the J, of J and D Gifts. I also answer to Jamie, Coach Robertson and Mom. I am an Arroyo Grande mother, wife and goal chaser. I enjoy seeing my designs and apparel around town, so if I stop you to say how much I admire your shirt or how excited I am to see it out and about, don't mind me...

I have lived on the Central Coast since I started Cal Poly in 2005. I called home to let my family in Elk Grove, CA know I was never coming back... Here I am and still pursuing the dream of being a Central Coast local! 

I married my college sweetheart, (the D, of J and D Gifts), Dusty Robertson in 2010 and had two crazy but cute boys in 2013 and 2015. My pre-mom days were blessed with Tasting Room management in Paso Robles. There I soaked up every opportunity from wine making, managerial tasks, IT geek-ness to customer service. There I learned to make sure you LOVE what you're doing. I started creating shirts and holiday items for my little men and other people wanted to buy them too. So weird! That's how J and D Gifts was started!

Today, my family and I are making apparel for businesses and school all over the county. As my little business grows and grows, I make sure to navigate it where I can make a difference. I donate back to YOUR school with EVERY shirt purchase. Your purchase isn't funding a huge corporation elsewhere. The dollars are staying right here!

I am thrilled (that's actually an understatement) to be working with you and your school and if you have any questions, feedback or design suggestions, I WANT TO HEAR about it!